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At present  Minsk City Clinical  Oncologic Dispensary is a powerful specialized patient care-and-prophylactic institution comprising: the polyclinic providing  regular medical check-up for more than 28 000 oncological  patients and annually performing medical service to 185 000 patients, hospital department for 520 ward beds, where more than 10 000 patients per year undergo the treatment and  its structure enclosing: 310 surgical ward beds, 140 radiological, 60 chemotherapeutic, 10 ward beds for posttreatment rehabilitation of oncologic patients. During the year in the clinic more than 7000 complicated surgical operations are carried out, 5000 of them being performed in the hospital department; these are the operations on  stomach,  bowels, lungs, mediastinum organs, kidneys, adrenal glands, bladder, female and male’s genitals, mammary glands, thyroid, soft tissues, lymphatic system and other tumor sites. Plastic and reconstructive operations on restoration of lost functions are also carried out. About 4000 patients undergo a course of chemotherapeutic and more than 3000 radiation treatment using intracavitary gamma-ray teletherapy, brachytherapy, short-focus roentgenotherapy and radionucleidetherapy. Techniques of SHF hypertermia, laser and electro destruction of  tumors are effectively applied.

 The Anesthesiology-Resuscitation Department (ARD), equipped by the up-to-date narcosis-respiratory apparatus, actively contributes to favorable outcome of the most complicated category of patients.  The Clinico-diagnostic Laboratory (CDL), cytologic and morphologic laboratories completely provide the clinic requirements for emergency and planned  laboratory diagnostics.  In МCCОD a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures is professionally accomplished by more than 860 medical professionals: 213 doctors, among them there are 11 candidates of medicine, 106 are given the highest and the first qualification categories; 395 paramedical workers, 174 of which have the first and the highest category.

On the base of the oncologic dispensary, the sub-faculty of oncology of Belarussian State Medical University and Belorussian Academy of Postgraduate Education are working and also the world-known Republican Thyroid Cancer Center (Demidchik Yu.Ye., MD - the head of the Center) and the city oncoExpert Commission (the chairman - Vasilieva Larisa Vladimirovna,). МCCОD is the base establishment of the Belarussian State Medical University, and Medical school of advanced  training of professional skills of paramedical workers.


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