Establishment history

Minsk City Clinical Oncologic Dispensary (MCCOD)

was established by order of Narkomzdrav of  the Byelorussian SSR on October, 1, 1934 as a Republican institution, though its staff consisted of 2 doctors, a nurse and a statistician. The dispensary was situated on the basis of the 1st city clinical hospital of Minsk. The chief of the first Republican oncodispensary was Professor Korchits E.V., a surgeon, the head of the Hospital Surgery sub-faculty of Minsk Medical Institute, who laid the foundations for the organization of regular medical check-up of oncologic patients, that time was started oncologic manpower training and formation of oncologic centers in large cities of Belarus. Despite of the heaviest conditions of post-war time, in December, 1944 under the direction of professor E.V.Korchits the Republican Oncologic Dispensary has been restored.

In 1945 Sovnarkom of the USSR issued Decree N 935 dd. May, 24, 1945 “About Development of Cancer Care Facilities in the USSR”, whereupon a rapid development of oncologic service has begun. As early as in 1949 Minsk Oncologic Dispensary became the large organizational- methodical and medical-diagnostic center. In its structure were available surgical, gynecological, radiological, X-ray therapeutic, organizational-methodical rooms, clinical and pathohistologic laboratories. In the period from 1948-1950, the Dispensary was headed by N.I.Bobrik, the famous surgeon, Candidate of Medicine, Assistant Professor.

In 1948 the first Republican Oncologic Conference was held, in which 250 delegates from different cities of BSSR and more than 150 participants from other republics of the USSR have taken part. The construction of the radiological building has begun.

From 1951 up to 1960 Minsk City Clinical Oncologic Dispensary was headed by Poddubnaya Tatyana Timofeevna, asurgeon, Candidate of Medicine. She actively participated in the Great Patriotic war from 1941-1945, has been working in hospitals, from medical and sanitary battalion up to the army medical base. Dr. Poddubnaya contributed a lot to the development of oncology service, oncologic manpower training, propaganda of preventive health care of malignant tumors in population, has generalized long-term experience of clinic works on early detection of breast cancer. During her job in the clinic, radiological methods of treatment using sealed and open (liquid) sources found a wide application. Dr.Poddubnaya was given the rank of «Honored Doctor of BSSR».

In the period from 1960- 1987, the Dispensary was headed bya radiologist Kozlitin Victor Aleksandrovich,.

In 1961 on the territory of the 1st city Clinical Hospital of Minsk the construction of a radiological building was completed. The dispensary staff was supplemented by radioisotope laboratory what made it possible to improve the quality of diagnostics for many kind of tumors. Since 1960 under his direction oncologic dispensary carried out the functions of a city and regional clinic, performing medical service to residents of the city of Minsk and Minsk region. Since 1977 the Dispensary has been available only for urban population. In 1978 the radiological building and inpatient departments of the 1st city Clinical Hospital have been placed under the authority of the dispensary, and also new departments have been established, the number of ward beds has amounted up to 280. In 1985 the reconstruction of the main dispensary building was completed. In the period from 1987 – 1999, the Dispensary was headed by the oncologist – surgeon, Rebeko Victor Jakovlevich

An increase in oncologic morbidity in Minsk, including the cases due to the Chernobyl accident, resulted in the requirement to increase the amount of ward beds of the dispensary. The second radiological 60- ward bed department has been opened. The department of nuclear medicine has been established and equipped with the up-to-date medical facilities, the day-time in-patient department and cancer prophylaxis department started to function. In 1995 the building of the former 4th city polyclinic and therapeutic unit building of the 1st city Clinical Hospital were assigned to the dispensary, the construction of the surgical building for 120 ward beds was started and the designing of the oncologic dispensary radiological building reconstruction was started.

In order to liquidate the consequences of radiation effect due to the Chernobyl power plant accident, by the Government resolution, in 1990 on the base of the oncologic dispensary, the Thyroid Tumors Center was established. Under the direction (up to 2003) of E.P.Demidchik, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences, Professor, Honored Doctor of the Republic of Belarus, the Center obtained international recognition for achievements in  children thyroid treatment.

From June, 2000 a Head Doctor of Minsk City Oncologic Dispensary is

GEDREVICH ZIGMUND EDUARDOVCH,Candidate of Medicine, Assistant Professor.

In June, 2000 the first part of the new ward building was put into operation in which admission-diagnostic office, Oncosurgical Department №2 (proctologic) and Oncosurgical №3 (urological), and Central Cytologic laboratory have been arranged. In August, 2001 the second turn of the new ward building was put into operation, where have been arranged a Surgical unit equipped with the up-to-date facilities, Oncosurgical Department №4  (thoracic), Intensive Care and Resuscitation unit. During the same period on the vacant space 60-ward bed Oncogynecology department been arranged. The polyclinic building has been repaired. In 2002 the city Oncological Patients Rehabilitation Center with available in-patient ward beds was established. In 2008 it has been resolved to begin the reconstruction of the dispensary with the construction of a new radiological building for 120 beds at the expense of the city budget. At present Minsk City Clinical Oncologic Dispensary is a powerful specialized patient care-and-prophylactic institution comprising: the polyclinic providing regular medical check-up for more than 46 000 oncologic patients and annually performing medical service to 200 000 patients, hospital department for 520 ward beds.

These are the operations on  stomach,  bowels, lungs, mediastinum organs, kidneys, adrenal glands, bladder, female and male’s genitals, mammary glands, thyroid, soft tissues, lymphatic system and other tumor sites. Plastic and reconstructive operations on restoration of lost functions are also carried out. About 4000 patients undergo a course of chemotherapeutic and more than 3000 radiation treatment using intracavitary gamma-ray teletherapy, brachytherapy, short-focus roentgenotherapy and radionucleidetherapy. Techniques of SHF hypertermia, laser and electro destruction of tumors are effectively applied.

The Anesthesiology-Resuscitation Department (ARD), equipped by the up-to-date narcosis-respiratory apparatus, actively contributes to the favorable outcome of the most complicated category of patients.  The Clinico-diagnostic Laboratory (CDL), cytologic and morphologic laboratories completely provide the clinic requirements for emergency and planned laboratory diagnostics.  In МCCОD a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures is professionally accomplished by more than 860 medical professionals: 213 doctors, among them there are 11 candidates of medicine, 106 are given the highest and the first qualification categories; 395 paramedical workers, 174 of which have the first and the highest category.

On the base of the oncologic dispensary, the sub-faculty of oncology of Belarussian State Medical University and Belorussian Academy of Postgraduate Education are working and also the world-known Republican Thyroid Cancer Center and the city oncoExpert Commission.

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